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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feeling Human Again

In no particular order, here is my life as of late.

Last week we finished INTENSIVES, which I dislike severely. I signed up for this job fully knowing that it was a reality twice a year, but it doesn't make it any easier. Winter is much worse as well. This was only 5 weeks...winter is maybe 8 or 9. I love my school and job, but anyone that eat, sleeps and breathes their job loses their lust for it after awhile.

This week I went back to enjoying teaching. It was so nice. The students work so hard and it was their summer break also so its nice to get back to norm for everyone.


In other important news I've been cooking and eating a lot. The good kind.

These are Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies, and were a HUGE hit.  I got the recipe from Mipa's Blog www.aliensdayout.com . I would go as far to say that it is my favorite blog. I ordered from her Bake Shop and couldn't say enough words about how delicious her baking is!

The above was my favorite birthday card from a student. "I am happy to be learning from my hero teacher. Your IQ is 170." Kelly 2, you are an absolute genius! A+ all semester to you young lady!

These are homemade peanut butter cups that I made (we can't get them here in Korea). I made the peanut butter in my food processor...because I'm foodie chic like that!

I made them as a going away present for one of my besties Tiffany who moved back to New York. I got this STUPID idea to put milk in the white chocolate I was going to use for the top layer...so make it runnier...I'm a moron. I honestly couldn't even feed them to a dog after. BOO to not being perfect!

This is where my fruit lady dwells. I am IN LOVE with this place. She has such excellent quality fruit. All she sells is fruit. I mean if you F up the one thing you sell you're in trouble. It is a 5 minute walk from my place and is always so friendly to me. She even sneaks an extra piece of fruit for "service" into my bag when I leave.

These were my takings this morning. All that (those tubs are blueberries) for W12,000. The blueberries were 1/2 off because they're going to go bad in a day, but I'll just put them in the place where things go to die. My freezer.

My Birthday Cake! This cake is the place where diets go to die.

Another concoction I created this morning. I always get HEAPS of rice when I order Korea takeaway, so I put 1/2 the rice in the fridge. This is my healthified version of fried rice. Its pam, onions, beans, mushrooms, rice, tuna, and an egg. All that for 7 points!

My Weight Watchers journey has been going really well. I'm down 10 lbs. I have been exercising a tonne, went for a 10km walk lastnight at 10pm because I'm hardcore like that!

FEWF this update literally took me an hour. If you are a criminal, please feel free to steal my shitty $200 Dell Laptop....can we say MISSSSSSSSSSSTAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKE for that purchase? F you Laptop you make blogging hell.


  1. Oh no! Not the laptop you bought in Whis?? Loving your blogs HC. I especially loved the comment: "but I'll just put them in the place where things go to die. My freezer. " THAT"S GOLD! Keep blogging my friend because you are putting a smile on my face for sure xx

  2. Nice job with being successful on WW so far, keep up the great work!


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