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Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekday Wrap Up

Lastnight the team headed out to my favorite BBQ place for some eats and drinks on the "Street of Eating".
We all had an awesome time and it was nice to be able to socialize with everyone outside of work. You bet there was lots of beer, soju and chunga (sp?) consumed... And maybe even A LOT A BIT of Noraebonging.

My Korean boyfriends who asked me to speak to an English friend on the phone. They proceeded to buy me a beer for all my hardwork. Pimps.

I love my kids. We talk a lot about farting in class, as you do when you teach grades 2/3...

"I had a dinosaur friend. His name was fartman... Suddenly my friend made a big fart. The smell was very amazing. So I fainted because of the fart smell."

Richard, you are a champion! His writing is actually very good considering he's in my lowest level.

After work today I went and stocked up on some essentials. I'm going to make lentil soup this weekend so I went hunting for boullion cubes as my last ones were expired. I managed to rangle up some good finds!

Fruit and veg. I've been really lacking in these lately as I didn't do a big grocery shop this week.
 I've been eating bananas I bought at the variety store... eeeek.

Those wrapped up items made my heart sing when I found them. Sweet, juicy, figs!

Until I got home and opened up the container to see that the styrofoam was cleverly hiding the fact that they were completely rancid. I'm actually pretty pissy about it right now.
 Its like having delicious cupcake. You spot the perfect one, pick it out, carry it home, open the container, mouth watering...and then drop it on the floor!


Lotte is a HUGE company over here and I went shopping at "Lotte Super", basically the Food Basics of the Lotte corporation. Lotte Department Store is the "Marilus".

This picture makes this fig look great...but you can't see the moldy part on the back!

I'm feeling a bit pissy today actually. I had a great day at work but I think this week is a NO-BUDGE on the scale. I can't expect to have results every week, but I've been on such a great streak that I expected it to happen every week.

I've been really good on the exercise front, but my eating has been lacking. Too much processed foods. I mean I just told you I've been buying fruit to eat from the variety store in the lobby of my building... HAHA I've been right on mark with my points but I'm not eating enough fruit, veg and drinking enough water.

The good news is that the old Hailey would have seen this as a HUGE setback and probably just quit or went and ate some cake. BUT the Hailey you all know and looove today (HAHA) is certainly NOT going to let that happen.

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