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Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Birthday Birthday!

Today marks my 25th Birthday!

What do I want? I've already got it.

How do I want to celebrate? Eating cake and making "Canadian Tourism" posters.

I have been blessed beyond belief. If I want something, I take it or work hard to be able to take it.

Today I was spoiled rotten by my friends and students with lovely words and presents. I had a perma smile on all day!

I made today my CHEAT day, and boy did I cheat. It felt BAD (like big stomach ache) but good that I had my little binge and back to the grind tomorrow. McDonalds was my meal of choice HAHA


Sooo... How does 25 feel? It feels utterly amazing to be financially secure, and fulfilled professionally.
Sure, are there a few pieces to the puzzle that have yet to fit in? Of course, my life's not done yet. 

I have compiled a list of goals that I want to complete before my 26th Birthday
 (Financial, Personal, and Fitness).

Financial Goals:
1. I want to pay off my OSAP completely.
2. I want to save another $10,000.
3. I want to be able to pay for my PGDE at Strathclyde Uni full out.

Personal Goals:
1. Reach my goal weight by December 2011. I am only 12 lbs away!
2. Maintain my goal weight.
3. Attend the University of Strathclyde for my PGDE Primary in August 2012.
4. Plan a trip around America and Canada before going to school in August 2012.
5. Try to maintain my clean eating (lets just forget today happened... ;) ).

Fitness Goals:
1. Maintain a good level of fitness and tone up my body.
2. Do a chin-up.
3. Run 5km in 35 minutes by December 2012.


24 you were pretty great, but 25 you're going to be epic!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Beautiful Night

Lastnight after deciding to walk along the river, we heard an orchestra. They were playing the theme song to the Pirates of the Carribbean to be exact. As we got closer we realized along the Yangjae-chan the city had put up a stage across the small river. There were heaps of families enjoying a Friday night of classical music and opera. It was SUCH an amazing end to a tiring week.

We were up at the top looking down at the stage. If you remember from my other pictures there are 3 levels along the stream.

\The place was packed! It was so nice to see families spending a Friday evening together.

Thank you 3-day old intensives hair. You were really workin' it for me!


After the concert, the exercise gods possessed my body. Its true it really happened.

I ran 18 MINUTES STRAIGHT at 8.2 speed. No walking. Normally I can run for like 3 minutes max, then walk and alternate.

Maybe it was the Shabu Shabu I ate for dinner, maybe it was the opera, maybe it was Pitbull....

I don't know, but it was fucking awesome! I felt like superwoman.

Considering I've only been really exercising since March, and more recently a lot the last 3 weeks. This is a big deal. I was so proud of myself I told everyone. To a person that is fit, this is no big deal.... but I felt like superwoman.

I just weighed myself yesterday and I am on track to have lost 10 lbs since I've been on Weight Watchers.

FANTASTIC 25th birthday present to myself.


This is the last week of intensives Sunday - Saturday...I work tomorrow at 8 am so am taking a cardio rest day. I need a break. BADLY.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good Neighbors

In class today we were doing a brainstorming session....

How can you get to know your neighbors?
How can you make someone feel welcome in a new class?

I got a lot of "Give them your phone number," "Bring over some kimchi" etc..

Until this beauty popped up...

Me: "Ok, so what is the best way for you to get to know your neighbors?"
Evans: "Telepathy."

Well played Evans, well played!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Korean Fail

I was at work today thinking about what I could write about that would be remotely interesting...
....my life?

 BAH! Thats a joke! I eat, sleep, workout, and teach (for the next 9 days). I'm about as exciting right now as granny panties on a honeymoon...

Alas, Korea you have given me a topic. To decorate my classroom last December I bought W2,000 english posters (approximately $2) from the local W1,000 store. They are FULL of epic fails...but these two are my favorites!


Oh Korea, you fill my life with constant excitement!

Now to go cry myself to sleep after self-inflicted punishment at the gym. Feel the BURN.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Visiting Bundang

This weekend since I only have 1 day off I decided to do something different. Normally my friend Tiffany comes to visit me in Seoul, but I decided to visit her in Bundang and go out for the night. It is best described in pictures. We went to Travelers and Pub 210. I can't believe how responsible I was...normally if I go out I'm gonna have a bunch of drinks throughout the night but lastnight I was tired and knew I'd be REALLY tipsy if I did more. I only had a rum and diet, a BHS shot (use your imagination for what that means) and a pint in 5 hours. Could it be that I'm ...growing up? Ew I hope not HAHA

This was the beginning of the night. As you can see from my last post, I had just gotten my roots done. It was a dire situation! The humidity hit it after being out for a while and I realized why God gave me curly hair... I probably shouldn't mess with it!

I asked her to give me some feathered Farah Fawcett bangs, done and done!

Being ridiculous.

This shot was to show how I can make my off the shoulder top more functional. Keeping your arms at your side for an entire evening takes a lot of skill...skill that I don't have!

This is a joke that no one may get. The girls went to play fooseball, and I didn't feel like moving. I was making a dent in my rum and coke that took my 2 hours to drink. SOOO I decided to be the "bag wench" because my theory in life is that no one is going to mess with you if you look crazy. This I imagine would be a great tactic for muggings, or even prison. I'll enlighten you if you ask in person. HAHAH Actually my motto is "No one'll mess with a crazy ......" you can fill in the rest.

Also, further upping my amount of crazy. I gave a demonstration of "Defensive Dancing". This is also a crowd pleaser. If there are LOTS of creepers on the dancefloor just get your elbows and your butt out and dance as unsexily as possible. Trust me, they will disappear.

Tiff and Elyse showing some love.

This is taking some SEVERE self-sacrific to post this HID pic of me, but the girls look beautiful. This was our BHS shot. YUM! Kayla and Elyse look great!

Friend love thats what it is...

It ended up being a great night! Kayla and I dominated in playing darts against some army boys. Then we had a girls sleepover! It felt like I went away for the weekend on some gorgeous vacation. But I guess sometimes all you need is a trip to Bundang HAHA

Now I have to work the next 13 days in a row....until THE END OF INTENSIVES!!!

Also, I'm turning 25 next week on August 22. I can't believe it. Life sure doesn't take you where you expect to go thats for sure, but my word its been a great ride so far!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dirty Roots

I always know its time to get my roots done when the students start asking me about my "dirty hair".
Damnit! How do they know?

So when my hair starts to look like I rubbed dirt in the roots...perhaps its time for a touch-up?

This being my last day of a 11 day stretch of teaching I'm off to JUNO Hair Salon now to get my hair done.

Damn you intensives!

On Monday another 13 day stretch and then FREEDOM! Back to regular hours!
No more 9-4pm then 5:30-8:30pm! I miss not having to be to work until 2:30 pm and then leaving at 9:30pm. Oh the glorious sleep that will be had!

(Taken this morning before my coffee... EEEK)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Long Island Cougar Hotspots

I'm so sorry I didn't tell you earlier my dear readers....but I know where all the cougs hang out in Long Island.

That has got to be the BEST search ever to used to locate people to my blog. I hope it helped them! I'm not quite coug status yet ...but I do own an animal print skirt...shit I'm almost there....

Actually its probably because I look like this when I workout at the gym. I look like a 70 year old mall-walker.

My gym might be ridiculously expensive but atleast I don't have to constantly wash my workout clothes. Oh and there's no aircon. I look like a fucking swamp donkey when I leave after only 45 minutes.

No pain, no weightloss right?

I better press send before I lose the guts to post that hideous pic.

Here's what I look like for work though... Help re-adjust your perception of my attractiveness...Maybe?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London/UK Riots - Beauty and Sadness

All pictures from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

I'm not going to get into a huge post about the riots going on. It is unbelievable on so many levels.

 Of all the bad things that have happened, this picture disturbed me the most. See the little boy at the bottom clutching a bottle of wine. He looks like he's about the same age as my students. I'm going to throw out a rough estimate and say between 9-11 years old. If he's going to be looting at that age, I can't even imagine what his life would be like. The usual questions of - Where are his parents? What is he doing out amongst all this? 

Maybe it's not for him...maybe maybe maybe... Maybe he's from a good home and got caught up in all of this chaos and made a bad choice... Maybe maybe maybe...Maybe it was a dare from friends not pictured... Maybe he's never had a sip and wants to try it out...

Whatever it is... someone is failing him.

Amongst all the chaos, the sadness, the destruction...there is a light. There are people who are willing to take back their cities. There are people willing to clean up the mess made by others. There are people who won't be intimidated and who will protect themselves and their families.

And that is the beauty in the breakdown.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Intensives

One of my favorite things about Korea is the food. Takeaway is so cheap and absolutely delicious. Check out my BIBIMBAP POJANG (takeaway rice with mixed vegetables). It comes with a small broth, kimchi and another unknown side dish. All this for W4,500 (about $4), with utentils.

Better believe that kimchi was demolished within 30 seconds. Honestly, its a bit embarassing how much I like it.

Basically what is in this:
- Rice
-Gochujang (red pepper paste)
- Sesame Seeds
- Fried Egg
- Lettuce
- Bean Sprouts
- Kim (Dried Seaweed)
- Pickled Raddish
- And unknown Korean brown soft-stick-like-thingie-stuff

All you do is MIX the CRAP out of it and eat! It is so delicious and nutritious. A good hearty breakfast before starting a day of school!

 AND very WW friendly. I just portion out the rice (they give you enough for 3 servings...which clearly I don't need to eat), the egg is 2 points and the rest is all FREE.

Inside my classroom. I was looking particularily fashionable...except all you can see from this angle is my ROOTS and my unkempt eyebrows. FAIL!

Ps. I'm a super blogger now. I wrote this lastnight and it's posting in the morning! Booya chaka!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hyatt Hotel - Itaewon, Seoul

This day is best described with pictures. Last Monday, Tiffany and I decided to treat ourselves to a day at the Hyatt Hotel in Itaewon for some pampering. We called a little late so were only able to get a couples room but it made the experience pretty hilarious. Off we went to have our "Couples Aromatherapy" Massage (Cost approximately W165,000... Hey! We're worth it!)

Being touristy, and obviously cool in the lobby before our appointment.

We changed into our sleek t-shirts and shorts that were provided and had a sauna before gettin' the rub down. Its pretty much like a big bath with  other  women... You definitely learn to not be so shy around people of the same sex. There's an unspoken "Sup! We're both swimmin' naked here. Keep on keepin' on!"

The massage was great. It was the first I've ever had. I'm not going to lie I almost had a little freakout when she asked if I wanted an abdominal massage but it was obviously incredibly professional and the masseusse put us at ease. PLUS at the end we were given cookies and tea. YAY!

I would absolutely go back to the Hyatt again. They were so professional, the amenities were great and the staff went above and beyond. Since I've worked in two hotels I'm a bit picky. When a waiter walked me all the way to the bathroom after asking for directions, the Hyatt won me over even further!

I was super hungry from you know laying around getting a massage and swimming naked so I suggested we hit up the dinner buffet. BEST. IDEA. EVER.

This is the view from our table.

Here you can a bridge and the south side of the city (where I live). The hotel is north of the river.

Tiff looking intently at the beverage list.

Eager with anticipation at my W12,500 house wine.

BAH. It tasted like CRAP and for godsakes I've had WildVines.

The food however was absolutely heavenly. This is plate #1. I didn't take anymore food pics because I was too busy trying to get as much food into my mouth at a time. You know, priorities.

The buffet was W52,000 plus 10% and 10% service change. Worth it? OH FRIG YES!

Please note how I made room for kimchi on my plate. I'm turning more Korean than I've thought...

Tiffany laughing at me measuring my sips of wine in terms of money and saying I'm going to hurl I'm so lovingly full.

This was supposed to be my "I'm so full I'm gonna puke face", but it really just looks like I'm giving myself a slightly naseous/gaseous self-hug.

This is part of the changeroom. I had to take a stealth photo so I wouldn't get any naked ladies. You know, just like the paps do.

Inside the lobby.

All dressed up and ready to go....to ITAEWON...I know I know. Creature of habit. I was wearing gargantuan heels...

Situation rectified.

Along our walk in search of trouble......

Boy oh boy did we find it!

This was taken at approximately 4:30 am. Tiff had sense enough to go home 2 hours before this. Did I? Of course not! I had to show some American soldiers how to play flip cup.

I was the anchor BTW. That is a big deal.


Its a good life!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starbucks You Cruel Cruel Mistress...

I decided to eat out for breakfast... I mean I didn't plan on eating the MAJORITY of my daily calories all in one foul swoop...but I did.

I ate a scone with jam and butter (first indication that this might not be the best choice)...uh that was 15 points. I also had a delicious grande Chai Latte with non-fat milk. That precious choice (DUH I had non-fat milk) was 8 points. My daily intake of food is supposed to be 29 points.
Uh oh 23/29....

Today is definitely a salad and gym day. I kicked my own ass and came out of the gym after 45 minutes with my previously light gray T, a very dark sweaty T.

Was it worth it? Oh you better f**king believe it!

How could I say no?