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Friday, September 30, 2011

First 5 Km Race

Time to get serious here. I have my first ever race on Sunday October 16th in Incheon.
It is a 5km race...I've never run 5km in my life. Running, I'd say the most I've done is about half that.
Is this maybe a bit stupid? Absolutely.
Do I expect an amazing finishing time? BAH! My goal is to JUST FINISH.

All I want to do is finish. Thats it. For my first race I'm not expecting ANYTHING except completion. 

I just want to say that I did it. I didn't quit in the middle, I didn't stop training... I just did it. My level of fitness is SO much better than it has been ever in my life so I think it is do-able.

The only thing is I'm going to be exercising/training as much as possible in the next two weeks. Tomorrow is going to be 3km on the treadmill. Losen things up and see how I feel. I actually prefer walking outside but for running I love that treadmill. Maybe its because I think people are watching and I won't let myself be a wimp... I don't know...

One condition I need to fix is getting a mental block when I'm out on the trail. I can run much more indoors on the treadmill...but outside...I just have this stupid stupid mental block. WHICH...MUST BE STOPPED!

But if that dude can do THAT. I'm pretty sure I can run 5k in beautiful fall weather.


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  1. You can do it!! When you run in an organised run it gives you lots of motivation and drive and you can always do way better than training runs on your own. If you can get to 3kms on the treadmill there is no way you wont do it. You go girl! xx


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