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Monday, October 3, 2011

NSV (Non-Scale Victory)..BUT a little scaley too....

After an atrocious week of eating/drinking last week I took charge this week, exercising 4 x and making sure I ate right.

The hardwork paid off because I lost those 2lbs I gained last week. I'm now sitting pretty at 148.5 - HURRAY!

I decided to treat myself to an incentive wardrobe (or we could call it a ...STARTER PACK!).

When I was a little girl my grandpa (Gido) always used to try and motivate me to lose weight by saying they'd buy me a whole new wardrobe after I did. I never did it. I just didn't want it bad enough, or never thought I could.

BUT NOW....I am getting closer to my goal....8.5 lbs to go.

SO, I went out to Forever 21 and spent W337,000 on some winter/fall staples.
The only catch is I'm not taking the tags off and wearing ANYTHING until I get to 145.

I'm sick to death of my old stuff, its not the new me. I bought a lot of stuff in MEDIUM. My word it felt good. I bought everything a bit too small to amp up my inspiration.

Here they are...

These pictures really make this stuff look lack-lustre...but I promise they're going to look GREAT!

2 corderoy skirts, a chiffon dress, and a kimono style open top

2 plain t-shirts, 1 corderoy skirt, 2 pairs of leggings, button-up sweater vest with a belt

white button down, grey tanktop, blue crochet top (only the top above the bust is crochet), striped long shirt

big heavy sweater, size 29 jeans (Forever 21 jeans are SMALLLLLL), greenish blazer style throw-over

Off to the gym, because MAAAAN I want to wear my clothes!

Doosan VS. LG Baseball Game

Yesterday a bunch of friends and I went to see my first baseball game in Korea.


The atmosphere is great, and the fans go wild. Baseball is HUGE here.
At one point in the game there was a big "fight" where both teams came rushing onto the field...I don't think there were any punches though.

You can bring in your own food, booze, whatever you want. Outfield tickets were only W8,000. It ended up being a great, cheap Sunday afternoon out.

Em and I got there early to save some seats (3:30pm) but it didn't end up packing up until around 4:45pm. Game started at 5. Better safe than sorry!

There are TONNES of ajumma vendors selling dried fish, kimbap and beer. Delicious!

There is even Burger King and KFC ready to sell you a meal for two!

I had saved up my points for the day and wasn't drinking at the game, so for the first time in 3 months.... I had a burger and fries....

You know what?

It was pretty anti-climactic....Definitely not as good as I remembered. What a relief!

 Dude knows how to party. A Cass beer in one and a coke in the other!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hairdye, Running High and Pudding Surprise!

Today has been a great day. I've spent the entire day doing things to make me look and feel good.

I was awoken with a text message instructing me to look in my mailbox. Giddy to see what could be delivered, I opened the flap and did a happy dance!

Someone who reads my blog from the USA heard my boo-hoo about Fat-Free Jello Pudding...and sent me FIVE different flavors! FIVE! We only have chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch in Canada, but in America they have cheesecake, banana cream and white chocolate too. HEAVEN!

This goes out to you Mrs. A. Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness!
Honestly, I am absolutely touched that you went out of your way to do that for me.
Your kindness will most definitely not be forgotten. Thank you again!

Oh my we let that go a little longer than expected didn't we? Check out those rooooots.

Heres a little before and after. I'll let you decide which is which ;)

After the salon I came home, had a huge meal and watched the end of Season 6 of Criminal Minds.

Then I decided I needed to get my workout in even if I was comfy in my PJs.

I went to the gym and had a FANTASTIC workout. They say no never regret the workout you do, only the ones you don't and my gosh that is so true. I had to coax myself to go and then ended up realizing I was going to have to coax myself out HAHA

The good news is I'm getting CLOSER to my goal. Today I ran/walked 3.92 km in 30 min. BOOM CHAKA LAKA! If I can do almost 4 km in 30 min, I'm sure I could do a 5km in under 40 minutes.
 TWO more weeks until I have to face the music!

Have a great weekend!

Ps. Miss. Gibblet, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for always being such an amazing support. Even from miles away you still manage to make me realize that I'm not just doing this for myself and that theres always someone there to offer words of encouragement. I am so lucky to call you my friend. xx