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Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend of Wonder and iHerb Lovin'

You know its going to be a good weekend when it starts off with a trip to Costco! This time's haul was MAPLE FLAVORED BACON, red grapes, GO Lean Crunch cereal, oatmeal, red wine, ham, Rice Crispie Treats, frozen vegetables and mini cheeses. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was there! It ended up being about W117,000 which is pretty reasonable for all the stuff I got.

The night ended with too much wine at the Intercontinental Hotel's Wine and Buffet...

With some great new friends!

It may have also involved soldiers and planking...

And Kayla workin' that moped!

We held up pretty good. At 2:30am I decided I'd had enough and should probably escort myself home. That was probably a GREAT idea. Nonetheless I woke up at 2:30 pm on Sunday hating my previous night's choices. Oh being 25!

It also made me realize how I'm not quite cut out for partying anymore. I hadn't been OUT in about 5 weeks so I REALLY went at it... bad choice!

I have been living SUCH a healthy lifestyle and drinking SO much is just stupid, idiotic etc... But atleast I'm honest and bursting ANY disillusion that I may be perfect HAHA

I wasn't licking my wounds too badly though as I did have enough gusto for a 10 km walk later lastnight!

Back to normal life today. I woke up and RAN downstairs to see if my http://www.iherb.com/ order had come in.. alas it had!

I had heard a lot about it online and thought I'd try my luck. Well, it was SO fast, and amazing. I will definitely be using them again!
 I ordered Peanut Butter and Co "White Chocolate Dreams" Peanut Butter (DROOOOOOOOOL), Bare Naked fruit - Apples and Mango, Coconut Flakes, and Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate Packets.

It literally took 1 week from start to finish, I ordered last Monday and it arrived today (Monday).
SOOO don't hesitate! Go place an order with them if you're looking for Health Foods from back home!

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