Who is she?

All About Me

I am a 26 year old student living in Scotland, following her dream to be a teacher.

I am a former fatty, now fitness and healthy living enthusiast (me at 13 and 26).

I have been a brunette, blondie, red head and now a brunette again.

In the past five years I have lived in Ontario, Whistler (B.C.), Australia (Hayman Island, QLD), Seoul (South Korea) and outside of Glasgow (Scotland).

I am sick of moving around my things, except I am a compulsive re-organizer.

I am a foodie, a Weight-Watcher, and a mean player of "Cards Against Humanity".

I can put my entire fist in my mouth.

I cannot do cartwheels.

I have owned two guitars and cannot play a single tune. 

I was in a Turkish Opera Ensemble when I was 18.

I think a man who uses proper grammar is sexy.

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