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Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Birthday Birthday!

Today marks my 25th Birthday!

What do I want? I've already got it.

How do I want to celebrate? Eating cake and making "Canadian Tourism" posters.

I have been blessed beyond belief. If I want something, I take it or work hard to be able to take it.

Today I was spoiled rotten by my friends and students with lovely words and presents. I had a perma smile on all day!

I made today my CHEAT day, and boy did I cheat. It felt BAD (like big stomach ache) but good that I had my little binge and back to the grind tomorrow. McDonalds was my meal of choice HAHA


Sooo... How does 25 feel? It feels utterly amazing to be financially secure, and fulfilled professionally.
Sure, are there a few pieces to the puzzle that have yet to fit in? Of course, my life's not done yet. 

I have compiled a list of goals that I want to complete before my 26th Birthday
 (Financial, Personal, and Fitness).

Financial Goals:
1. I want to pay off my OSAP completely.
2. I want to save another $10,000.
3. I want to be able to pay for my PGDE at Strathclyde Uni full out.

Personal Goals:
1. Reach my goal weight by December 2011. I am only 12 lbs away!
2. Maintain my goal weight.
3. Attend the University of Strathclyde for my PGDE Primary in August 2012.
4. Plan a trip around America and Canada before going to school in August 2012.
5. Try to maintain my clean eating (lets just forget today happened... ;) ).

Fitness Goals:
1. Maintain a good level of fitness and tone up my body.
2. Do a chin-up.
3. Run 5km in 35 minutes by December 2012.


24 you were pretty great, but 25 you're going to be epic!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Realistic reasonable goals......now I need to learn how to set those! I'm going to have to stop reading your blog because I'm beginning to get pang of envy.......I REALLY REALLY miss Korea!


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