Who is she?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Grand Ole Oprey Seoul

I have a Korean guilty pleasure..

I'm very open about my love of kimchi, kimchi-jigae and basically all Korean food.

This Korean experience actually isn't Korean at all.

I'm just going to say it...

I like going to a country bar!

There I did it. That wasn't so bad.

Actually, I really like it. There is absolutely no pretension. Just $3 Gin and Tonics with Jason Aldean on the speakers. You'll find cowboys, army boys and just regular old English teachers looking like idiots on the dancefloor. Its a rare gem where getting asked to dance doesn't mean all you're getting is an ass grab and a grind. I haven't seen any fights and any that were on the brink were quickly diminished. Everyone is just there to have a good time.

Apparently it is quite the old standard in Seoul for those in the military, with the same ajummas working the bar. I've heard it has been open for 30 years...but that could be an urban legend HAHA

There is a hardwood floor with heaps of people always on it. Even the dance-challenged can manage to hobble around!

Careful... you just might like it! x

Thursday, June 23, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons


My life here is truly blessed and beautiful. However, sometimes there are bumps in the road. Of course, perfection isn't half as fun. 

Dating in Korea isn't easy. Especially when you've been misled and not treated respectfully. The only thing you can do is ....PICK...YOURSELF...BACK....UP!

Time to pack away the cake and cookies and ramyeon....and take myself off the couch.

Today is a new day and there is far too much asskicking, smiling and taking names to be done.


Besides. I'm coming home for 10 days in a little over a week. I don't have time to be sad!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello and Goodbye

As per usual living in a transient place two more awesome people have flown the coop. Last night was an epic goodbye party full of $2 tequila shots and $2 beers!

The guys were all in a band called the Vopping Mieles (South African slang...). If you let your mind run wild and dirty I'm sure you'll figure out what Vopping a Mielie means...

Anyhoo I made these ridiculously sweet fascinators for Jenny and I to wear but let the boys have them at the end of the night as a souvenier.

Making the fascinators look fascinating!

I look pretty happy that he's leaving HAHA Although I have lots of his stuff awaiting his return in 2 months, so it wasn't really goodbye!

The band with a banner that I made "Long live the Vopping Mieles".

Oh Ps. You bitches gonna get some cake in the face reaaaaal soon.

Nothing like a good caking to get the night started. I left at 2 am like a responsible person....I'm 24, leaving at 2 am is responsible...

However, one man's trash is another Hailey's treasure. Welcome home plant, wine, sherry, pots and pans, bookcase, room divider, laundry hanger.... and......


Happier than a pig in mud I was!

Another episode in the saga of "The AWESOME Life".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life is What Happens When You're Busy Making Plans

I have fallen off the grid. Wonderful, wonderful things have been happening in my life.
I have changed my path this year. I was supposed to be going to the University of Strathclyde for my PGDE (Post Graduate Diploma in Education) but I can't leave Korea just yet.
I am so happy in my job and my life here in Korea. It broke my heart to think about leaving, so I'm not!

It was just that easy.

I don't have to do anything I don't want to. I REALLY want to be a qualified teacher but another year in Korea will give me an AMAZING financial head start. I will be able to pay for school full out ($30,000....not cheap for an international student).

LUCKILY, the university has graciously given me another deferral. August 2012 here I come!

Since I'm going to be here for longer I have been focusing on making my house more livable. It was just a blank space I occupied and now its my home.

Some snippets of the last few weeks...

If you want flowers, sometimes you've gotta buy them yourself!

Gorgeous cards from Uncle Paul (THANK YOU!!!) organized into an art display.


$2 TEQUILA shots with the work crew? YES PLEASE!

Or a handsome young man fixing my shoe on a late night date.

How about kimchi-jigae delivered in 30 minutes with NINE side dishes for W6,000?

Or Washington Apple Wolfhound tradition shots with your favorite Asian?

Life is GRAND. Thank you Seoul for a great year. How about one more?

x Hail