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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Pictures from Home

I was going to do a Facebook album of some random pictures from home...but this is much more fun! Besides I've heard I have some anonymous (/not so anonymous) stalkers on this blog.... (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE HAHAHA) who would love to see them.

You know I always had MAD fashion sense. These purple suede boots are the famous ones I asked for three years in a row, each year getting a different colour. Please note the scrunchie and lunchbag.

I always was a fan of the one-zie. I now have adult versions. TWO of them to be exact.

Kate and I before she left to go back to Scotland 2004. This was a sad night.

Getting ready to go out with the girls.

Photographic evidence that Simon ditched his only time to drink with his sister. Poor form.

Insert captions....HERE... I look like I'm ready to go to Grand Olde Opry. YEEHAW!

July/August Birthdays Verestiuk Style.

Never too old to have your parents drive you to Dairy Queen! (BTW Never too old to have your parents drive you ANYWHERE!)

One of my FAVOURITE parts of the trip. Dad, Liv and I went hiking at Webster's Falls. It is tradition that everytime I come home we go there.

The Falls.

It is such a beautiful and serene spot.

Papa taking a rest.

Liv posing for "Hiker's World".

Thank you cheap Kodak camera for making me look like a rockstar!

What a waste of money! This was pretty shitty. What did we expect though? 67 calories per bottle! Great time hanging out on the front porch having a beer with my Dad though. Priceless!

The break-up tub from Milestones.

I want to breakup with this again...and again...and again...

Dad went to the Ti-Cat ticket office to get this for my kids! I'm going to plan a lesson around the Ti-Cats for the end of Summer Intensive period. He also got me this AWESOME "Oske Wee Wee, Oske Wa Wa" poster.

Saying GOODBYE before an early flight the next morning.

What a fantastic trip! Can't wait til Dad comes here in March for his turn! xx

Doing the Right Thing

Ugh. Dating. I'm the Queen of putting myself out there and giving things a shot. For better or worse, I always give it a shot.

Yesterday, I did the right thing. I made a choice to accept only what would ultimately make me happy. I decided to just be friends. This is not an easy thing to do. How do you say "Lets just be friends" to someone you're attracted to, someone that you have a lot of fun with? You just do. Especially if it means one month from now you're going to have to say goodbye. Dating is hard enough without having an imposed time restriction from the beginning. I don't want to SETTLE anymore for what I am given, I want to CHOOSE what I want. 

So... I made a choice and I'm actually really happy and feel self-empowered. Believe it or not, he actually understood, and we went out for lunch as friends yesterday. Mind you, he did tell me to try and look as ugly as possible HAHA But it was fun, and I explained myself a bit more...and I think he ultimately understood. I chose friendship over nothing, and so did he.

In revamping my life and what I want from it. I've been following WEIGHT WATCHERS online for the past 7 weeks, including while I was home. I haven't lost a ton of weight, but steadily 1 lb at a time. I haven't been able to get below this number 1-5-6...it haunts me....and now I'm slated to weigh in at 70 kgs on Tuesday...1-5-4...one step at a time...

I also joined the gym in my building. I miss exercising and it is awful outside so I haven't been running since Monsoon Season hit. This gym is REALLY expensive and probably not worth it but there are three great things going for it...
a) It is on the 4th floor of my building.
b) They give you a set of workout clothes and a towel everytime you workout.
c) I am the ONLY foreigner signed up. I asked. HAHA

Just a FEW more sessions till I look like this right?....

Only if I go to Gangnam and hit up a little "Medical Tourism"...a little suck, tuck and trim for a reasonable price!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Aftermath - Seoul Flooding

Yesterday around 2:30pm, a few workmates and I decided to go on an adventure to see the damage. Full makeup on, and bouffant ready I felt like Indiana Jones, without the hat.

Props to the city of Seoul for pumping out the water so quickly. Where I took pictures of floating cars and chaos in the morning, in the afternoon there was no water in sight and cars driving on the road! Good job!

Here is my beloved Yangjae-chan where I used to go running. If you remember from pictures before there were THREE levels...now there are only 1.5...

So much debris and so much water.

There was so much water and the current was so strong that this car floated ontop of the other.

I made a couple of jokes about needing a cool summer breeze, but in actuality the windows were open because the passengers in the car had to climb out. Serious shit. I can't believe how many lives have been lost due to this natural disaster. I am so blessed to be safe.

Inside the abandonned car.

Backseat of the abandonned car.

No shit.

I have today off work again because there is no power at my school. The first floor was flooded from what I could see from the subway stairs...and there are 4 basement floors so I can only imagine how extensive the damage was.

Another day where I can count my lucky stars.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Massive Flooding in Seoul

I never thought I would experience such a crazy natural disaster. Sure I mean there was the cyclone in Australia or lots of snow in Whistler, but this one was the COOLEST! I say that if no one got hurt. I don't think anyone's life was in danger as long as they didn't try to get through the muck.

It has been a torrential downpour since 5pm lastnight, and now at 9:30 am the rain is slowly easing up. I didn't think it would be that bad, just alittle wet so I put on my raincoat, took my umbrella and went to work.
At my subway station for work (Daechi Station), I got off and immediately heard the rushing of watch, which I thought was coming from outside. Then, I saw that the escalators were stopped....and I saw this...

Water coming down the sides of the escalators.

Here I am ankle deep in poop. I'm POSITIVE there was some sort of sewage...

Cortlyn finding out if we have to work or not. We don't because there is about 2 feet of water on the first floor of our building.

The stairs up to ground level of Daechi Station. Being adventurous we just had to take a look....

Wow, I'm really glad I showered today!

At the bottom of the staircase.

At the top of the staircase...To think I was considering taking a cab this morning.

The other subway entrance on the opposite side of the street. The water is just cracking the edge of the window...WHOA!

Cars floating along the road...good thing he left his windows open...you wouldn't want that interior to feel left out.

The water is half way up the bus.

The water is coming down through the subway... probably only a matter of time before it is closed.

Thus concludes your tour of Daechi Station.

I'm fine and safe. It WAS AWESOME!

Oh and PLUS no work today! YIPEE!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I Want to Stick My Head in the Freezer

Days like this I could really go for some of this...

With people like this...

Don't even THINK about coming near this Peanut Buster Parfait FOO!

Or coming anywhere near my large choco-dipped cone...

Or OUR chocolate chip cookie dough with EXTRA stuff...

We will cut you.

On days like this and great people like this, it makes me realize that we are just a DQ kinda family.

Miss you. xx