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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vegan Bake Sales, Starbucks and Strongbow

Today the lovely Mipa and others hosted a Vegan Bake Sale in Itaewon to benefit the United Nations World Food Programme.

Helping others? Delicious treats? Count me in!

I headed out "early" and got there by 12 pm, I picked up a few delicious things to try. 

I may have already eaten the cinnamon bun and chocolate chip cookie....blissful!

 I had some time to kill while waiting for a few girlfriends to have lunch so I headed to Starbucks.

I did some quality coffee drinking, reading and people watching.

Poor cookie, it never stood a chance!

I met up with the girls around 1:30pm and proceeded to get daydrunk.

I mean...had a few casuals and a hearty meal.

Ok, I didn't get drunk perse. More like festive. I had a couple of Strongbows...a few shots....alittle bit of dancing to The Proclaimers.

Then I went home at 6pm, and put myself to bed. That is what I call a successful day!

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