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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is a victorious day.

Today is cause for celebration.

Due to my hard work and diligence...and occasional slip-ups, I have reached one of my goals.

As of this morning I weigh 150 lbs. I have never in my adulthood weighed this much. I have never in my teens weighed this much. I have never weighed this much since I was 11 or 12.

Soooo pardon my French but....

FUCK YES!!!!!!!

All those nights of NOT going out and hitting the Yangjae-chan track are paying off.
 Lastnight, instead of going out drinking until 5 am, I went for a long 10 km walk.

HOWEVER, the most important part now is to remember that I'm not finished. I have 10 lbs left to go until I'm at a really good weight for my height. I'm 5'7, so 140 is perfectly realistic. AND even after that, to remember that I'm not finished there either, it will be a constant struggle to maintain my goal weight BUT....


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