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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saving Face

Today I had a nice long walk. I intended it to be a run, but I think I'm expecting a lot more from myself than I should be at this point. In total I ran about 2 km and walked 8 km. I did 10 km in an hour and a half. Not good...

My goals for this week are:
- Do something active for atleast 45 min each day (soccer on Tuesdays, walking to and from work, and run/walks)
-Stop eating so late.

I have to also stop expecting to be a marathoner after 4 weeks of being active. Lets be realistic here... It is just an accomplishment to get out there and shake my a$$ on the pavement HAHA

I also experienced my first "Saving Face" moment. I was walking along the river and there were maybe 10 older women on bicycles. I don't really know how this happened but I think the ajumma stopped to take a look and swerved her bike ---and complete slow motion almost fell, then completely fell off her bike. I ran to help her and was surprised that the other women were letting her get up on her bike by herself saying "Its ok" in Korean. I put her bike upright and handed it to her...I got the stare down like I was doing something inappropriate...

"Odd," I thought until,"EUREKA! Saving Face!"

 The women were pretending like it wasn't a big deal so that their friend did not have to feel embarassed. Almost pretending like it wasn't happening. Ladies and gentlemen that is "Saving Face"!

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