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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Are Beautiful

Today I knew I wouldn't have enough time for a run so I walked to and from work (30min each way). I decided this was optimal time to take pics of what my running route looks like. There are 3 levels all the way down to the Yangjaechan. I normally run on the bottom level, it is the flatest... Lets be honest, I'm only 2 weeks in I'm avoiding hills... HAHA

Another metre marker, my beginning.

One thing I love about Seoul is the outdoor amenities. You can find outdoor machines everywhere. Koreans are generally really fit. You can see why!

Reppin' my Value Village sunnys... Looking like a crazy tourist taking pictures.

I generally mark my distances by how many bridges I've gone under. 5 bridges is a GREAT run, 3 bridges is mediocre. It is so well lit at night and there are so many people out that even at 10:30 pm I have no worries.

Today was 2 student's birthdays and they asked if we could have a party. How could I say no? One of the mother bought pizza and I made a makeshift "cake". Donuts with candles? They loved it!

I won't be running tomorrow because I'm subbing at a kindergarden from 8:30-12:30pm, then my job from 2:30-9:30pm both Thursday and Friday. I'll be chasing enough 6 and 10 year olds to get my fill, and will probably be exhausted.

A few notable moments today:

* One student had been VERY naughty last class and I made him sit outside. This is the FIRST time I've ever kicked a kid out. I felt awful. I had to make a point though that there is a time for work and a time for play. Today I pulled him out at the beginning to tell him what I expected. I made him pinky promise he'd be a good boy today. At the end of class (...after a few warnings...) he was generally a good boy. He came up to me sheepishly and asked "Am I a good boy today?". God I melted. I know he tried hard to answer questions and not be destructive to the class. You know I gave him some gummies, I'm a softie!

* During a test I was marking homework and saw a girl doodling. I always have them read after the test and went to go see why she wasn't reading like she should be. I saw she had drawn a picture of me, but I asked her who it was anyways. She answered "You". At the top it said YOU ARE ...and at the bottom BEAUTIFUL.
MELT again.

Another incredibly blessed day.

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