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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Climbing Mount Daemosan

Chris and I woke up early (9 am),  ready to put our legs to work. After a fuelling breakfast at mine we headed up to Daemosan.

Foolish kids excited for climbing. Showing off a brave face!

Only you can prevent forest fires!

If you're tired of climbing you can walk back 240 m to "Robot School".

This is pathetic how hot and sweaty I was at the top. HOWEVER, I did it. I only huffed and puffed a little bit.

RULE #1 in Climbing Club: NO QUITTERS.

Thirsty? Don't worry. The Koreans think of everything! Ladle up!

On the way down after the descent, my legs were wobbly like jelly. I felt sooo good though! It took only about 45 min for us to climb up. It really wasn't that hard actually. I may have ...WAIT FOR IT... enjoyed it!

Nothing like people watching at an outdoor cafe to top off a great morning! Its only 1 pm and I've got heaps of energy for the day.

Healthy living? I'll take it as long as theres room for a W Burger every now and again! Next week we take on the mountain beside it.

Get off that couch!

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