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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

It was 17 degrees today! AMAZING. I've had my windows opened all day and can't wait to sleep with the nice breeze. As I was getting ready this morning I knew I had to dress like spring. It just felt good to wear some colour and a work appropriate t-shirt.

Today was my rest day but did manage to walk home from work 30 min. Tomorrow will be intense. I'm playing soccer in the morning before work and after work 2 min running intervals with 2 min of walking... The things I do to myself! 

I'm terrible with motivating myself. I just imagine those ajummas lapping me and kick it into high gear!

This week I'm going to focus on my eating plan...because right now it sucks a little bit. Oh snacks why must you be so delicious and convenient?...

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  1. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog :) Congrats on your weight loss as well, keeping weight off is super hard and 20 lbs is a lot!


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