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Monday, April 4, 2011

Know Your Limit, Stay Within It

After a night of drinks, pool and dancing it was time to wake my ass up and get out the door. I got up at a leisurely 1 pm and went out for the day.

I love grocery shopping so went hunting for some finds! I managed to pick up some animal chocolates, chocolate covered sunflower seeds 190 cal a bag, and some gummies at 145 cal. I love tricking myself and saying that its "for the kids". Baaaah who am I fooling? I should probably test them to make sure they're "safe"....

It is always a real adventure to find tea that is cheaper and not corn or green. I managed to pick up some chamomile tea bags (5) for W990 (under $1) which is great. I also picked up a bag of chestnuts and lots of dried seaweed. The seaweed is delicious, and really good for you. They make the perfect on the go snack to tie me over for a meal. The downside is there is a lot of salt. You can't win all the time I guess!

One of my favourite parts of Korea is the outdoor amenities. I went to the Yangjaechan to go for my run, I started but then got really bad side stitches. I thought I had waited enough after my Tony Romas takeaway...but I thought wrong. Such a rookie! Anyhoo there are markers every 100m so you can have an idea of how far you have gone. I went from 0-3100m, and then back again. Basically did 6 km of walking in 1 hr 20 min. That is embarassing. The point is that I could have quit and gone home but I decided to walk it out so I'm proud of myself!

Tomorrow I have to give it a better shot and leave more time in between my meal and fast walk/jog...I mean, run HAHA


  1. thanks for your comment... what a cool blog! i'll have to catch up!

  2. Am loving these regular updates HC. Keep em coming. RUN HC RUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

  3. Em you're always my faithful reader! How about you come to Canada for a visit and run with me? Pretty please?


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