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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starbucks You Cruel Cruel Mistress...

I decided to eat out for breakfast... I mean I didn't plan on eating the MAJORITY of my daily calories all in one foul swoop...but I did.

I ate a scone with jam and butter (first indication that this might not be the best choice)...uh that was 15 points. I also had a delicious grande Chai Latte with non-fat milk. That precious choice (DUH I had non-fat milk) was 8 points. My daily intake of food is supposed to be 29 points.
Uh oh 23/29....

Today is definitely a salad and gym day. I kicked my own ass and came out of the gym after 45 minutes with my previously light gray T, a very dark sweaty T.

Was it worth it? Oh you better f**king believe it!

How could I say no?

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