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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Pictures from Home

I was going to do a Facebook album of some random pictures from home...but this is much more fun! Besides I've heard I have some anonymous (/not so anonymous) stalkers on this blog.... (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE HAHAHA) who would love to see them.

You know I always had MAD fashion sense. These purple suede boots are the famous ones I asked for three years in a row, each year getting a different colour. Please note the scrunchie and lunchbag.

I always was a fan of the one-zie. I now have adult versions. TWO of them to be exact.

Kate and I before she left to go back to Scotland 2004. This was a sad night.

Getting ready to go out with the girls.

Photographic evidence that Simon ditched his only time to drink with his sister. Poor form.

Insert captions....HERE... I look like I'm ready to go to Grand Olde Opry. YEEHAW!

July/August Birthdays Verestiuk Style.

Never too old to have your parents drive you to Dairy Queen! (BTW Never too old to have your parents drive you ANYWHERE!)

One of my FAVOURITE parts of the trip. Dad, Liv and I went hiking at Webster's Falls. It is tradition that everytime I come home we go there.

The Falls.

It is such a beautiful and serene spot.

Papa taking a rest.

Liv posing for "Hiker's World".

Thank you cheap Kodak camera for making me look like a rockstar!

What a waste of money! This was pretty shitty. What did we expect though? 67 calories per bottle! Great time hanging out on the front porch having a beer with my Dad though. Priceless!

The break-up tub from Milestones.

I want to breakup with this again...and again...and again...

Dad went to the Ti-Cat ticket office to get this for my kids! I'm going to plan a lesson around the Ti-Cats for the end of Summer Intensive period. He also got me this AWESOME "Oske Wee Wee, Oske Wa Wa" poster.

Saying GOODBYE before an early flight the next morning.

What a fantastic trip! Can't wait til Dad comes here in March for his turn! xx

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