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Monday, August 8, 2011

Hyatt Hotel - Itaewon, Seoul

This day is best described with pictures. Last Monday, Tiffany and I decided to treat ourselves to a day at the Hyatt Hotel in Itaewon for some pampering. We called a little late so were only able to get a couples room but it made the experience pretty hilarious. Off we went to have our "Couples Aromatherapy" Massage (Cost approximately W165,000... Hey! We're worth it!)

Being touristy, and obviously cool in the lobby before our appointment.

We changed into our sleek t-shirts and shorts that were provided and had a sauna before gettin' the rub down. Its pretty much like a big bath with  other  women... You definitely learn to not be so shy around people of the same sex. There's an unspoken "Sup! We're both swimmin' naked here. Keep on keepin' on!"

The massage was great. It was the first I've ever had. I'm not going to lie I almost had a little freakout when she asked if I wanted an abdominal massage but it was obviously incredibly professional and the masseusse put us at ease. PLUS at the end we were given cookies and tea. YAY!

I would absolutely go back to the Hyatt again. They were so professional, the amenities were great and the staff went above and beyond. Since I've worked in two hotels I'm a bit picky. When a waiter walked me all the way to the bathroom after asking for directions, the Hyatt won me over even further!

I was super hungry from you know laying around getting a massage and swimming naked so I suggested we hit up the dinner buffet. BEST. IDEA. EVER.

This is the view from our table.

Here you can a bridge and the south side of the city (where I live). The hotel is north of the river.

Tiff looking intently at the beverage list.

Eager with anticipation at my W12,500 house wine.

BAH. It tasted like CRAP and for godsakes I've had WildVines.

The food however was absolutely heavenly. This is plate #1. I didn't take anymore food pics because I was too busy trying to get as much food into my mouth at a time. You know, priorities.

The buffet was W52,000 plus 10% and 10% service change. Worth it? OH FRIG YES!

Please note how I made room for kimchi on my plate. I'm turning more Korean than I've thought...

Tiffany laughing at me measuring my sips of wine in terms of money and saying I'm going to hurl I'm so lovingly full.

This was supposed to be my "I'm so full I'm gonna puke face", but it really just looks like I'm giving myself a slightly naseous/gaseous self-hug.

This is part of the changeroom. I had to take a stealth photo so I wouldn't get any naked ladies. You know, just like the paps do.

Inside the lobby.

All dressed up and ready to go....to ITAEWON...I know I know. Creature of habit. I was wearing gargantuan heels...

Situation rectified.

Along our walk in search of trouble......

Boy oh boy did we find it!

This was taken at approximately 4:30 am. Tiff had sense enough to go home 2 hours before this. Did I? Of course not! I had to show some American soldiers how to play flip cup.

I was the anchor BTW. That is a big deal.


Its a good life!

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