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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dirty Roots

I always know its time to get my roots done when the students start asking me about my "dirty hair".
Damnit! How do they know?

So when my hair starts to look like I rubbed dirt in the roots...perhaps its time for a touch-up?

This being my last day of a 11 day stretch of teaching I'm off to JUNO Hair Salon now to get my hair done.

Damn you intensives!

On Monday another 13 day stretch and then FREEDOM! Back to regular hours!
No more 9-4pm then 5:30-8:30pm! I miss not having to be to work until 2:30 pm and then leaving at 9:30pm. Oh the glorious sleep that will be had!

(Taken this morning before my coffee... EEEK)

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