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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Visiting Bundang

This weekend since I only have 1 day off I decided to do something different. Normally my friend Tiffany comes to visit me in Seoul, but I decided to visit her in Bundang and go out for the night. It is best described in pictures. We went to Travelers and Pub 210. I can't believe how responsible I was...normally if I go out I'm gonna have a bunch of drinks throughout the night but lastnight I was tired and knew I'd be REALLY tipsy if I did more. I only had a rum and diet, a BHS shot (use your imagination for what that means) and a pint in 5 hours. Could it be that I'm ...growing up? Ew I hope not HAHA

This was the beginning of the night. As you can see from my last post, I had just gotten my roots done. It was a dire situation! The humidity hit it after being out for a while and I realized why God gave me curly hair... I probably shouldn't mess with it!

I asked her to give me some feathered Farah Fawcett bangs, done and done!

Being ridiculous.

This shot was to show how I can make my off the shoulder top more functional. Keeping your arms at your side for an entire evening takes a lot of skill...skill that I don't have!

This is a joke that no one may get. The girls went to play fooseball, and I didn't feel like moving. I was making a dent in my rum and coke that took my 2 hours to drink. SOOO I decided to be the "bag wench" because my theory in life is that no one is going to mess with you if you look crazy. This I imagine would be a great tactic for muggings, or even prison. I'll enlighten you if you ask in person. HAHAH Actually my motto is "No one'll mess with a crazy ......" you can fill in the rest.

Also, further upping my amount of crazy. I gave a demonstration of "Defensive Dancing". This is also a crowd pleaser. If there are LOTS of creepers on the dancefloor just get your elbows and your butt out and dance as unsexily as possible. Trust me, they will disappear.

Tiff and Elyse showing some love.

This is taking some SEVERE self-sacrific to post this HID pic of me, but the girls look beautiful. This was our BHS shot. YUM! Kayla and Elyse look great!

Friend love thats what it is...

It ended up being a great night! Kayla and I dominated in playing darts against some army boys. Then we had a girls sleepover! It felt like I went away for the weekend on some gorgeous vacation. But I guess sometimes all you need is a trip to Bundang HAHA

Now I have to work the next 13 days in a row....until THE END OF INTENSIVES!!!

Also, I'm turning 25 next week on August 22. I can't believe it. Life sure doesn't take you where you expect to go thats for sure, but my word its been a great ride so far!

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  1. I went out on Saturday night and only had two drinks the entire night. That's a definite record for me!

    I love off the shoulder tops, but I'm miserable at keeping my arms down long enough to make them look good.

    August 22 is my little brother's birthday too! He's turning 21 this year and I'm pretty sure he's scared to celebrate with me. :)


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