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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Intensives

One of my favorite things about Korea is the food. Takeaway is so cheap and absolutely delicious. Check out my BIBIMBAP POJANG (takeaway rice with mixed vegetables). It comes with a small broth, kimchi and another unknown side dish. All this for W4,500 (about $4), with utentils.

Better believe that kimchi was demolished within 30 seconds. Honestly, its a bit embarassing how much I like it.

Basically what is in this:
- Rice
-Gochujang (red pepper paste)
- Sesame Seeds
- Fried Egg
- Lettuce
- Bean Sprouts
- Kim (Dried Seaweed)
- Pickled Raddish
- And unknown Korean brown soft-stick-like-thingie-stuff

All you do is MIX the CRAP out of it and eat! It is so delicious and nutritious. A good hearty breakfast before starting a day of school!

 AND very WW friendly. I just portion out the rice (they give you enough for 3 servings...which clearly I don't need to eat), the egg is 2 points and the rest is all FREE.

Inside my classroom. I was looking particularily fashionable...except all you can see from this angle is my ROOTS and my unkempt eyebrows. FAIL!

Ps. I'm a super blogger now. I wrote this lastnight and it's posting in the morning! Booya chaka!

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