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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Beautiful Night

Lastnight after deciding to walk along the river, we heard an orchestra. They were playing the theme song to the Pirates of the Carribbean to be exact. As we got closer we realized along the Yangjae-chan the city had put up a stage across the small river. There were heaps of families enjoying a Friday night of classical music and opera. It was SUCH an amazing end to a tiring week.

We were up at the top looking down at the stage. If you remember from my other pictures there are 3 levels along the stream.

\The place was packed! It was so nice to see families spending a Friday evening together.

Thank you 3-day old intensives hair. You were really workin' it for me!


After the concert, the exercise gods possessed my body. Its true it really happened.

I ran 18 MINUTES STRAIGHT at 8.2 speed. No walking. Normally I can run for like 3 minutes max, then walk and alternate.

Maybe it was the Shabu Shabu I ate for dinner, maybe it was the opera, maybe it was Pitbull....

I don't know, but it was fucking awesome! I felt like superwoman.

Considering I've only been really exercising since March, and more recently a lot the last 3 weeks. This is a big deal. I was so proud of myself I told everyone. To a person that is fit, this is no big deal.... but I felt like superwoman.

I just weighed myself yesterday and I am on track to have lost 10 lbs since I've been on Weight Watchers.

FANTASTIC 25th birthday present to myself.


This is the last week of intensives Sunday - Saturday...I work tomorrow at 8 am so am taking a cardio rest day. I need a break. BADLY.

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