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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Aftermath - Seoul Flooding

Yesterday around 2:30pm, a few workmates and I decided to go on an adventure to see the damage. Full makeup on, and bouffant ready I felt like Indiana Jones, without the hat.

Props to the city of Seoul for pumping out the water so quickly. Where I took pictures of floating cars and chaos in the morning, in the afternoon there was no water in sight and cars driving on the road! Good job!

Here is my beloved Yangjae-chan where I used to go running. If you remember from pictures before there were THREE levels...now there are only 1.5...

So much debris and so much water.

There was so much water and the current was so strong that this car floated ontop of the other.

I made a couple of jokes about needing a cool summer breeze, but in actuality the windows were open because the passengers in the car had to climb out. Serious shit. I can't believe how many lives have been lost due to this natural disaster. I am so blessed to be safe.

Inside the abandonned car.

Backseat of the abandonned car.

No shit.

I have today off work again because there is no power at my school. The first floor was flooded from what I could see from the subway stairs...and there are 4 basement floors so I can only imagine how extensive the damage was.

Another day where I can count my lucky stars.

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