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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back Home

I had a fantastic flight to Beijing from Seoul. Maybe I gave the guy at the checkout a nice wink? Whatever it was, I was upgraded to BUSINESS CLASS!

So... I did what any mature 24 year old would do. I had a photoshoot of myself living in the SLEEPING CHAIRS!!!! and enjoying my ample leg room!

What do you do when you wake up at 5:30 am because you are incredibly jetlagged?

Put on your workout clothes, load up an awesome breakfast of cottage cheese, melon and berries, then hop on your bike for an adventure!

Where to go? What is open at 7 am?


There were about three other customers in Walmart at 7 am. Weirdos!

Some of my haul. Yes that is approximately 12 HUGE chocolate bars...Korean chocolate just doesn't cut it for me. The candy is for my students! Promise!

I have decided to clean out my closet and room. I haven't really lived at home for 3 years...and all this stuff could be going to a good home. Today's task was to clean out the closet!

Things to be donated.

The closet is PURGED!

I definitely cannot get rid of these. 2 Bridesmaid gowns and other formal wear. Sentimental value.

More purging tomorrow. It feels GREAT!

I love being home. Its going to be REALLY hard to leave!

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