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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make it Count!

I can't believe my time here at home is coming to an end. This weekend has been full of wine, laughs and family.

*Friday I did another spin class in the morning, followed by a Foster fam-jam, and drinks out on the Burlington downtown scene. Saturday, I could hardly move - I did some lunges and two spin classes in a row..stupid!

*Saturday night was AMAZING - spent some time with neighbours/family for drinks and laughs. Before we knew it, 4 hours had passed and it felt like 30 minutes. THANK YOU Camille and Graham for a great night! (You're famous now! HAHA). You really have raised some pretty unbelievable kids.

*Sunday it was off to London for a full day of Verestiuk fam-jam. I wore a bikini for the first time EVER, and I looked goooooood!

I had a great sleep this afternoon and plan on doing a whole lot of nothing besides exercising and eating the next two days! Here are some photies to capture this weekend...

Fosse Posse reunited. We're missing a few members though! Liv, cousin Ainsley, me, and Dian -Ainsley's wifie. Thank you ladies for coming! xo

Can you believe she's going to be 55? If I could look half as good as she does at 55, I'll be a happy girl. Thank you for making my trip home so wonderful.

Ready to get our drink on around town. We hit up a few cougar bars and I even managed to be lucky enough to catch the last bit of a country night!

The first of MANY polar bear shots!


Can't believe I used to babysit these guys...They're pretty much adults now! Kyle and Taryn, you two are hilarious. Can't wait until next summer!

Cousins on the Verestiuk side. Brosef Simon, Kristen, Liv, Lauren and Me. Love you guys! x

Beautiful afternoon enjoying some Korean plum wine I brought home. Someone MAY have had two pieces of DQ ice cream cake... I can double check that one off the list!

Only two more days left...I am not looking foward to see how much its going to cost me in over weight baggage... Those things are legit 70 lbs each...

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