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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Massive Flooding in Seoul

I never thought I would experience such a crazy natural disaster. Sure I mean there was the cyclone in Australia or lots of snow in Whistler, but this one was the COOLEST! I say that if no one got hurt. I don't think anyone's life was in danger as long as they didn't try to get through the muck.

It has been a torrential downpour since 5pm lastnight, and now at 9:30 am the rain is slowly easing up. I didn't think it would be that bad, just alittle wet so I put on my raincoat, took my umbrella and went to work.
At my subway station for work (Daechi Station), I got off and immediately heard the rushing of watch, which I thought was coming from outside. Then, I saw that the escalators were stopped....and I saw this...

Water coming down the sides of the escalators.

Here I am ankle deep in poop. I'm POSITIVE there was some sort of sewage...

Cortlyn finding out if we have to work or not. We don't because there is about 2 feet of water on the first floor of our building.

The stairs up to ground level of Daechi Station. Being adventurous we just had to take a look....

Wow, I'm really glad I showered today!

At the bottom of the staircase.

At the top of the staircase...To think I was considering taking a cab this morning.

The other subway entrance on the opposite side of the street. The water is just cracking the edge of the window...WHOA!

Cars floating along the road...good thing he left his windows open...you wouldn't want that interior to feel left out.

The water is half way up the bus.

The water is coming down through the subway... probably only a matter of time before it is closed.

Thus concludes your tour of Daechi Station.

I'm fine and safe. It WAS AWESOME!

Oh and PLUS no work today! YIPEE!!!

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