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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Fun

I am going to have no clothes left. I think they will all be sacrificed to this machine...due to my poor poor Korean skills... HAHA

Not to be one to stay at home and wait for fun to come to me, I asked some of the people from work if they minded if I tagged along out on the town. Out I went on Friday night after work (around 10:30)with six South Africans (three I work with). We went out for beers at Woodstock in Gangnam and to Castle Praha in Gangnam also. No pictures from that night but it wasn't messy, just a really great time out! Woodstock was more my type of thing, as you could request what was played and the place only held about fifty people. By the way...draught here is W 3,000...approximately $3. I had a full meal, some beers and transportation to and from Gangnam for under $50... UNHEARD OF!

I ended up sleeping in on Saturday morning. It was bliss! After not having much sleep during the week and considering I was up until 3:30 am, I took advantage of my morning off. At around 12pm, with no plans in sight I decided I wasn't going to mope! I took a look at my guide book and checked out the internet for some information on where I could get housewares. I decided I was going to go to Lotte World! It has atleast 5 floors and is basically like an extremely upscale "Bay". Lotte World is also a theme park, and has an indoor skating rink! I made my way to Jamsil (after a few hitches of getting on the wrong subway line...) and scoped out Lotte. This place was WAAAAY too rich for my blood so I only bought some food at the grocery store. There was a Krispy Kreme, so believe me I splurged! My god they were delicious!

I love walking in the rain so I took to the streets and decided to get lost in the city. I didn't go very far as I was getting soaking wet, but I love just walking around places I don't know. There was apartment block after apartment block after apartment block...a seemingly endless urban wasteland...but then I would see some beautiful fencing and came upon this canopy of vines and benches. It was breathtaking. No one else was walking around because of the rain so I will keep that memory all to myself.

I came home after a long journey and then got a call from Kate asking if I wanted to go for a drink....3 am I return home...HAHAHA Can't seem to stay home for very long! We went to the "Rocky Mountain Tavern" the Canadian bar in Itaewon and met lots of Americans....and Kate's boyfriend Danny's brother co-owns a bar in Itaewon called "Bless U".... NO JOKE! That was the original name and they haven't changed it yet. Talk about lost in translation... Anyways we went there for a beer and then decided to call it a night! Lots of American G.I.s to be found there. You could throw a stone and find 20 Foreigners...I think I'll go there again when I miss home!

Today was HECTIC! Kate and I went to Costco, E-Mart and Daiso (really cheap housewares and beauty). I ended up outfitting my apartment with hangers, bins, plates, cups, cooking utensils, storage containers and two lavender plants which I've just planted. My little apartment is starting to look like home. I've gone with a pink and green theme and it is starting to feel like mine. It isn't done as I need some more storage containers for clothes (I only have a closet), and odds and ends...but its getting there. I promise to post pictures once I have everything the way I want it.

Fewf after an exhausting weekend its off to bed. I can't wait for work tomorrow... wait?!.... Did I just say that? Things are starting to fall into place. I really like it here.

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