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Monday, July 12, 2010

Losing and Leaving

The National Anthem at the Ti-Cat Game in Hamilton July 10th.
Dad and I at Webster's Falls

Mom, Liv and I at the Ti-Cat Game

Liv, Sime, Dad and I hiking

Liv and I outside the Appleby GO Stn

Liv and Uncle Paul at Korean BBQ

It becomes quite apparent how strong love is when I leave. I say when I leave, because I've done this before. The packing, the planning and the effort behind such a change, is always the same. The parting, however, is never easy. There is never a guarantee those I leave behind will still be here when I get back. Life in general is never a guarantee. Since these are facts, I always try to tell those that I love, I love them. The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

As I began packing my suitcases I've tried to spend time saying goodbye to those that I can, even if it is just a phone call. I am going to miss my family so much. I am going to be strong at the airport...maybe? However, I am so happy that we have had these three months together. My Marilus family is always greeting me with open arms, and helping to fill my wallet! All of my girls that I've been through so much with from drinks to tears to weddings. I am so grateful that they have made me a part of their special days. <3 To those who were friends but then ended up slowly over the years as family. Thank you for everything.

However, one special person I carry with me everywhere I go... I will always feel blessed that I have been able to call you my home. I'm going to miss you Canada.

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