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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scared Shitless? Understatement of the Year.

I've tackled living away from home before, but this one takes the cake. I am unbelievably excited to begin my journey as an English Teacher. I love kids and have wanted to be a teacher my whole life...its just taken me a while.

I am beginning my journey on Monday. I fly from Toronto to Chicago, then on to Seoul. I have packed enough into my two suitcases and carry-on that they are both bulging and I will be very lucky that they don't burst. Did I really need to stock up on Jello and Pudding dry-mix packages? Probably not. They've been ditched. Did I need to pack an entire year's supply of hair gel? Probably not. They also were ditched. I have packed and repacked, weighing my bags after shifting things around. Perhaps shifting some of my anxiety, keeping my mind off of this huge change.

I keep telling myself that this is old hat. I've done this before. However, I haven't. This is a HUGE deal. I have gone the safe route before. Never reaching out of the commonwealth to live. How is my Korean might you wonder? Well if "Hello", "Goodbye", "Sorry" and "Thank You" are the only components needed in a conversation, then I'm fluent. Luckily I am an expert at Pictionary. World Class even. BUT, World, I'm ready for you. The best thing about being adventurous is I don't think you ever really fail. I mean, sure, things may not always work out the way you intend them to, but thats always another adventure in itself.

Look forward to pictures and adventures because they're coming soon!
Welcome to my Korean Adventure.

Annyong-hi Kyeseyo x

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  1. Oh Hails! I am inspired by you! please keep me and all of us updated. love you muchly.


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