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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Smog in the Sky and Happiness in my Heart

The Hailey has landed.

After a long flight, and four movies, I arrive in Seoul. Everyone I've met so far has been great! I was picked up from the airport by a man named Pep. His English was impecable, and we chatted the whole way into the city. He had lived in California for 3 years so that would explain it. The city has a haze floating over the buildings, and I've finally seen it lift this afternoon. On arrival, the captain informed us that the current temperature in Seoul was 39 degrees celcius. How balmy!

The ride into Gangnam took about an hour and a half, but I had my eyes glued to the window the whole ride so it felt like ten minutes. I was then taken to DYB for a quick introduction to the office, and a hello to the HR team. Apparently I look younger than my picture. I'm going to file that under compliment? After meeting with the team, I was then taken to my apartment which became very apparent that it was going to take MUCH longer than ten minutes to walk. I won't describe my apartment this post, but it was nice and clean. Roach free! I even had internet and cable set up right away. SO HAPPY! Anything that this apartment is missing I don't really care. Its bare bones but its clean and non-smelly so I'm ecstatic!

I had a quick chat with Mom and Dad, then called Kate. I'm blessed to have her around because she's going to be my tour guide until I get acquainted with this new world.

After I let everyone know I was alive, I had to go in search of food and water. I just got lost around my neighbourhood, until I found a GS25, and stocked up on a few things. It is like a 7-11 so I only got water, popsicles, bathroom cleaner, and some not very delicious rice things... oh and Kimchi! HAHA I may be living off my supply of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups until I can find a real grocery store. I managed to get quite a bit for W 20,000 exactly. I was even approached by two lovely women who were happy to meet a "foreigner" such as myself and help me found God. I told them that actually I'm quite familiar with God and unfortunately for them I don't really need saving. I then booted it out of the elevator.

Today I start work. I'm really really excited! I will be teaching Elementary I think, which I'm sooo stoked about.

Alright off to get ready and see if my toilet seat is dry from the shower I had this morning. Its going to be great for when I have to clean.

Post again soon.
xo Hails

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  1. Oh Hailey you make me laugh! I also shed a few tears at your previous post. Wanted to say I LOVE YOU! You are a huge inspiration and I am lucky to have you as a friend. Will be following your adventures closely from the future (by 3hrs!)xxx


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