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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello and Goodbye

As per usual living in a transient place two more awesome people have flown the coop. Last night was an epic goodbye party full of $2 tequila shots and $2 beers!

The guys were all in a band called the Vopping Mieles (South African slang...). If you let your mind run wild and dirty I'm sure you'll figure out what Vopping a Mielie means...

Anyhoo I made these ridiculously sweet fascinators for Jenny and I to wear but let the boys have them at the end of the night as a souvenier.

Making the fascinators look fascinating!

I look pretty happy that he's leaving HAHA Although I have lots of his stuff awaiting his return in 2 months, so it wasn't really goodbye!

The band with a banner that I made "Long live the Vopping Mieles".

Oh Ps. You bitches gonna get some cake in the face reaaaaal soon.

Nothing like a good caking to get the night started. I left at 2 am like a responsible person....I'm 24, leaving at 2 am is responsible...

However, one man's trash is another Hailey's treasure. Welcome home plant, wine, sherry, pots and pans, bookcase, room divider, laundry hanger.... and......


Happier than a pig in mud I was!

Another episode in the saga of "The AWESOME Life".

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