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Monday, March 28, 2011

Who would have thought? Running shoes are good for running!

This weekend I splurged inorder to make myself look legitimate when I'm pounding the pavement. Wearing Airwalk sneakers on a run just doesn't say "HARDCORE"...it says "IDIOT".

I don't want to look like anymore of a fool when I'm heaving and hawing down the pavement so I went to COEX and purchased some better workout clothes.

I went to ABC Mart and was able to find shoes my size (9) which unfortunately is the eqivalent of having elephant feet in Asia. I got some pretty nice Adidas runners for W54,000, capri Nikes for W45,000 and some breathable Nike top for W40,000.

As for the heaving... I actually did a really good job today. I went down along the stream by my house for 45 min. I'm taking this sloooowly. I ran for almost 20 min intotal I would say which puts me right on track with my program. The rest I did a fast walk.

I really liked running down there as there were enough people that it wasn't freaky (which I never ever get scared late at night in Seoul). I even saw four police officers patrolling along the path. I even got some mad nods of "respect" from my fellow walkers...or maybe they just think I'm a Russian hooker again and didn't want to be attacked HAHA

Playing soccer tomorrow at 10:30am, then Wednesday I do the official Day #2 training session Run 1 min, Walk 2 min x 8.

I must say I feel pretty good exercising especially when I hum the Rocky theme song to myself. I feel pretty badass!

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