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Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Run and Groceries

Groceries, groceries, groceries.
I am a lot a bit food obsessed. I love going grocery shopping. It is a sick sick disease but the only cure is ...more cow bell?... Anybody? Anybody?
I thought I would start this post with showing off my midweek grocery run. I posted the reciept (which none of us will be able to read) but you can see the total at the bottom W22,380 (approximately $19 CDN).
Groceries are sort of expensive here I think. I suppose its been a while since I've been home to grocery shop but I do have about 7 years experience ringing in people's groceries.
For W22,380 I got:
-2 chicken breasts
- SM. salad dressing
-Laughing Cow Cheese (SPLURGE - W5,990)
- SM. pack of cherry tomatoes
- 2 broccoli
- Assorted lettuce and baby bok choy (W2,000 and W1,000)
Am I being unreasonable?

Please excuse the sexy forehead wrinkles...

I took to hitting the pavement at 10 pm lastnight. Armed with sneakers, workout capris and a hoodie I braved my demons. I ran like I was chasing an ice cream truck!

Holy shit am I sore this morning, but I feel sooo gooooood!

Now, when I say "RAN" I mean I ran for a minute and then walked for two x8. I did a little over 2 km, but will need to get a pedometer or even a GARMIN......(theres a pipe dream for you!).

Time to fuel up for the day with oatmeal and peaches, then off to get my hair did. It is looking very sad. Yesterday one of my students said "Teacher, why is your hair black in the middle but yellow on the outisde?"

This was a sign that I've gone a BIT too long between touch ups! HAHA
More pain to come soon....!

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