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Monday, May 20, 2013

Visitors Galore

Travelling around the world is lovely and I am blessed to have been given the opportunities that I have had. 

However, if you don't have someone to share it with, it can be a little empty. 

I know. Wine whine goes the priviledged girl! 

I have had a lot of people say they were going to come visit me and then the plans just seem to 

Here are some of our best moments.
evaporate into thin air. One person who PROMISED me she'd come visit is my bestie, Aly! 

This was an "enchanted forest" on the west of Scotland. It was absolutely breathtaking. there was so much moss and green almost to the clouds. 

One of the reasons Aly got to visit was a compromise with her husband, Dan (a Golf Pro) that he could play at St.Andrews. The birthplace of golf.
The town itself was beautiful and I could see myself living in a place similar to it. However, I did not care one bit about golf...so we went shopping while he played! Pretty sensible to me!

I obviously also took her out for a night on the town in my town

....the rest of those pictures shall remain in the same vault as those with her Bachelorette Party and our childhood music videos by her pool.
We were studs on that damn camcorder. 

Dan and Aly also tried BuckFast, which is caffienated wine made by monks. Definitely not as good as it sounds. That was the first, last and only I will ever be purchasing. I want my 8 quid back! 

This place is called "Rest and Be Thankful". Its places like this that make me realize all over again why I fell in love with Scotland.

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