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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Packing Up and Shipping Out

I have moved so many times that I am a professional. 

I have become so good at compartmentalizing things and saying goodbye. I am for the last time shipping my life's belongings internationally, instead of away this time, I am moving home.

Half of the lot to be sent.

A few boxes I sent to Scotland from Korea. They only took 3 months and cost approximately $35 CDN each. This time, it will cost about 265 quid to send 100 kgs (in 3 months)... not too shabby!

I sent over 4 x 20 kg boxes from Korea and am sending 4 x 25 kg boxes back to Canada. I think I did a pretty good job considering this time I have mounds of paperwork, portfolios and teaching textbooks that I cannot bear to part with.

On my way over to Scotland, my boyfriend at the time and I spent half an hour going through my luggage in the airport after finding out it was 18 kgs over the limit....and $70 each KILO!!!

Is it sad that I was the most depressed about parting with my stationary and class set of scissors? (Except for the saying goodbye to him part HAHA)
The answer is yes, but I don't care.

This year has been one of the most challenging yet, but through all the heartbreaks, I came and got what I wanted. And now I can go home and get what I want too. I am proud of myself for sticking it out and achieving my dream!

As of tomorrow at 3 pm, I am a teacher. 

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