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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Adventures on Abbott

I have been inspired. By www.happyorhungry.com. Go check out Lindsey, she is hilarious! My paints will never be as good as hers but for a first time, I think it is commendable!


Adventures on Abbott (Episode #1)

(No names to protect anyone from being embarrassed for being affiliated with me.)
This is me at 12.

  I was such an incredibly awkward child.
 I was so awkward and fat and liked crafts and  the indoors. But I liked boys. A lot. 
I also would have liked to not be fat and awkward and I didn't like being told I couldn't do something.

One day my sister, two of the girls who lived next door, and myself were outside watching their brother play on his skateboard. We were outside spying as we normally did, perhaps we were drinking "Freshie", I cannot confirm this.

 I had such a crush on him, but also was really pissed when we were told we couldn't have a try. I was going to show him my awesome skills.

See such an Abbott Road dreamboat. He even lit candles so he could wax the curb.

He was with some friends and I was just so mad that I didn't have a skateboard so I couldn't show him my sweet moves. I begged him to let me try. I decided that obviously I didn't look the part so that is probably why he doubted my abilities.

I went inside and found the most "hard" outfit I could find, happy face earrings and black overalls. I was feeling quite svelte that day and I thought I pulled it off.

I came outside and he let me have a shot. See, if only I had worn that outfit earlier. Mental note: Wear this more often! If this worked clearly he would see what an excellent sidekick I would be. At least I could keep his candles in my purse.

I hopped on that damn skateboard. (Note: I had never, ever been on a skateboard in my life up until that point. It looked pretty friggin' easy.) I didn't break it, so I put one foot down and pushed myself. It started wobbling.

I pushed again getting ready to get some height for an olly. I pushed again, stumbled backwards and fell off the skateboard. On. My. Ass.


Now were were never going to have Abbott Road babies and I wasn't going to be a professional skateboarder. 

I did the best I knew how, I went home. I took out my crafts, and I never came out to play until I was 13.

But that is another story for another time.


Thoughts? Did you like it? Want another one? I've got an entire backlog. 

Let me know!

Hail xx

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