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Monday, October 3, 2011

Doosan VS. LG Baseball Game

Yesterday a bunch of friends and I went to see my first baseball game in Korea.


The atmosphere is great, and the fans go wild. Baseball is HUGE here.
At one point in the game there was a big "fight" where both teams came rushing onto the field...I don't think there were any punches though.

You can bring in your own food, booze, whatever you want. Outfield tickets were only W8,000. It ended up being a great, cheap Sunday afternoon out.

Em and I got there early to save some seats (3:30pm) but it didn't end up packing up until around 4:45pm. Game started at 5. Better safe than sorry!

There are TONNES of ajumma vendors selling dried fish, kimbap and beer. Delicious!

There is even Burger King and KFC ready to sell you a meal for two!

I had saved up my points for the day and wasn't drinking at the game, so for the first time in 3 months.... I had a burger and fries....

You know what?

It was pretty anti-climactic....Definitely not as good as I remembered. What a relief!

 Dude knows how to party. A Cass beer in one and a coke in the other!


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