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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blond and Blue Eyed

Well I have reached another level of blond. It feels good. It looks good. I can't keep it up for much longer before it turns to straw but god its fun while its lasting!
Much has happened since my last blog. I have my own classroom and am teaching a Gr.2-3 Immersion class. I smile from ear to ear, even on those days when I want to cry; because I am happy. I am constantly battling with classroom challenges. My lowest level is a cross between comprehension and me just standing in front of the class flapping my mouth open and closed. 90% of the parents speak no English so it is difficult for communication. Thankfully I now have an AMAZING support team of other teachers who have each taken a class of mine to teach grammar and call parents. I am blessed.
I have been incredibly busy being a social butterfly. I have dated so much these past two months. I have finally reached that point in my life where I am no longer accepting scraps. I am worth 100% of someone, not just the shitty bits they have left. I have turned away some handsome men and some men with great hearts, who just weren't for me....and I feel great. I feel empowered and I feel worth it.
Joan Verestiuk will soon be gracing Seoul in 11 days... my god I can't wait! It feels like a dream to me. I have travelled so much these past three years and finally have someone coming to visit. Mom, you're going to have the time of your life! I promise!
Keeping this short and sweet. Look forward to a Mother/Daughter blog post coming soon!
Kim Yae Lin over and out xo

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  1. HC!

    Looking good. Glad to hear you are still happy. I need to hear more about these dates!!

    What week day afternoon can you skype if any?


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