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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heavier Things

Home is never too far away. Seoul Design Festival.

Beautiful Collage at the Seoul Design Festival.

Map of Seoul 2010.

Super rocking Korean band playing in the middle of Olympic Park for the Seoul Design Festival.

Being ridiculous.

WOOOO! Olympic Park!

A car completely covered in Post-Its. Had there not been a large line-up to get a ride on this thing, I would have most definitely gone.

New friend Melissa and I on a gigantic mitt made out of grass outside of the baseball stadium.

Outside the sports stadium - showing some LG Twins and Doosan Bears pride!

I figured it was about time to make a post. This journey around, through and inbetween all that Korea has to offer has given me so much insight into why I am here.

I am here to find my best self. Everyday we make a step towards what we choose for ourselves. I have made a choice to be the best teacher that I can, and to grow toward a better place in loving everything I am.
Religion. Such a heavy word. Obviously I am born and raised Catholic but it comes down to choice when you are allowed to decide for yourself what it will mean to you, and how you will live through the message. I have chosen pieces of what I believe in from the faith. I do not believe homosexuality is wrong/a sin.I believe in the use of contraception. I believe that body art is not a sin.
I haven't been to church regularly probably ever faithfully in my life. I go whenever I feel the pull. Or went whenever I was told. Since I have been travelling I have tried to go in every major city - I went in Auckland and in Sydney. Everytime it is the same. Warm. Friendly. And my choice. God is with me wherever I go.
I decided to go to church here in Seoul. I attended the longest service I have in my life, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The music was moving and the sermon was very interesting. It was much different than what I am used to. It was fire. It put a jumpstart back into my belief.

God is a DJ. Those words have been my life motto for a long time and everyday they ring true in some way. To me, God is the music. When things are terrible, the songs always change and slowly things are better. When things are amazing, I can feel the beat. I will carry them for the rest of my life, every step I take (quite literally).
I do not know if I will continue to go to service, but my mind is certainly opening up to alternatives in worship. Successful journey of the soul today.
I am still completely enjoying work. I feel like superwoman when I am in the classroom. It really is what I am supposed to be doing. I just am a teacher.

My AMAZING friend Jenny and I have made a Facebook group for our apartment building - check out "Daecheung Tower Foreigners" . There are so many foreigners in our building and you never really speak to them for more than an elevator ride. I made posters this week and littered the building with them. We hosted the first ever "Foreigners Mixer" in the basement bar and about five people came (not including those I invited that we knew already). However, it was quality NOT quantity we wanted and have met some really cool people. You really need to go after what you want. Heres to next months mixer!
Every weekend I have been trying to see some part of Seoul. Last week was the Seoul Forest to watch "The Seoul Drum Festival". This week, we went to the baseball stadium and Olympic Park. Olympic Park has the "Seoul Design Festival" put on by UNESCO. It was unreal. Check out the pics!
End of another novel.
Hope everyone at home is well. Be safe.
Love you all,

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